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1974 Established Sunny Electric Co., Ltd. at Hsinchuang City, Taipei County.
Capital: US$20,000
Revenue: US$37,000
Began manufacturing industrial electronic motor speed controller and automatic control system
1975 Expanded the plant to 630M2. Began manufacturing DC motor.
Increased capital to: US$43,600
Revenue: US$118,000
1976 Renamed Sunny Electric Pty.Ltd.
Increased capital to: US$100,000
Revenue exceeded: US$310,000
1978 Established Cutes Industry Co.
Increased capital to: US$62,000
Began manufacturing and sale of vacuum pump and Root's blower
1978 Sunny Electric Corp. purchased land in Chungli Industrial Park, next to Cutes Corp.
Increased capital to: US$500,000
1979 Cutes Industry Co. and Sunny Electric Corp. began building the plant at the same time
Cutes Industry Co. capital : US$250,000
Sunny Electric Corp. capital : US$620,000
1981 Sunny Electric Corp. and Cutes Industry Co. were merged; completed the construct of the plant and began operation.
Increased capital to: US$1,170,000
Revenue exceeded: US$1,500,000
1984 Expanded the electronic control building at the Chungli Plant
Revenue exceeded: US$3,100,000
1985 Purchased the premise as the headquarters. in Taipei City.
The electronic control building at the Chungli Plant began operation.
1988 The headquarters was relocated to the administrative building at the Chungli plant
Revenue exceeded: US$6,200,000
1991 Increased capital to: US$3,065,000
1992 Renamed to Cutes Corp.
Revenue exceeded:US$9,300,000
1993 Increased capital to: US$4,100,000
Revenue exceeded: US$12,400,000
1994 Received ISO 9001 certification
Increased capital to: US$4,800,000
1995 Increased capital to: US$5,280,000
1998 Increased capital to: US$6,550,000
Established the OSAKA TMP maintenance center as its agent
1999 Set up joint venture with NWT in Pakistan.
2000 Established Cutes Trading Co., Ltd. in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
2001 Established Cutes Corp. (Shanghai), which is exclusively foreign-ventured, Shanghai City, China.
Capital to:US$700,000
Cutes Trading Co., Ltd. was renamed to Cutes Corp. (Shanghai) Southern China Branch
2004 Increased capital to: US$7,200,000
2007 Revenue exceeded:US$15,500,000
Cutes Corp. (Shanghai) increased capital to: USD1,230,000
2008 Cutes Corp. increased capital to: US$7,700,000
Revenue exceeded: US$20,000,000
Revenue of Cutes Corp. (Shanghai) exceeded: US$5,600,000
2009 Cutes Corp. (Shanghai) was relocated new factory in Jiading District, Shanghai City, China




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