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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Working Principle

The balanced rotor rotates without metallic contact in a circular casing that contains liquid compressant usually water or oil. The rotor consisting series of blades and are shrouded at the sides forming series of chamber.

The chambers of the rotor are filled with liquid, which rotates with rotor following the contour of the casing.

The sealing liquid recedes into the eccentric casing as the rotor advances until the rotor chamber is empty.

The eccentric casing forces the sealing liquid back into the rotor chamber as the rotor advance further creating a piston like effect, this cycle occurs during each revolution of the rotor.

As the sealing liquid recedes from the rotor chamber it is replaced by gas drawn from the inlet port. As the rotor rotates at 360 degrees the sealing liquid is forced back by the eccentric casing into the rotor chamber, the drawn gas is then compressed into the rotor chamber and discharged through outlet port.

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