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Root's Blower - Applications


For Pressure: CR Type

Waste water treatment Incinerator
Used for water purification at the water treatment plant and stirring of sediment. Improve combustion and assist elimination of gas.
Composting by fermentation of dung Blowing away after washing
Used to hasten fermentation by feeding air. Used for flicking water after washing.
Oxygen supply to the farming pool Sandblast
Used for supplying oxygen to the water in the farming pool of various fish and for stirring. Also used at the aquarium and fish tanks. Used as blasting air source of the sandblast.
Press machinery Transport of powder & granular material
Used for removing pressed form material from the mold. Used for pneumatic transport of pellet type material such as vinyl chloride and polyethylene. (Suction method also available)
Electro-plate  tank Paper feeding for printer
Blowing air into the tank to circulate the electrolyte and then improve the quality of electroplate. Operations are simplified by using discharge air to separate, align and feed the paper.
Medical bath pool Blowing away conveying-belt
Widely used in hospitals and hotels for healthy bath aeration. Used for small-scale desiccation lines.


For Vacuum: VCR Type

Vacuum drying for water washer Vacuum food packing
Used for vacuum drying of water. Used for packing perishable food such as vegetable and meat.
Vacuum cleaner Preservation of proceed goods
Widely used as general industrial vacuum cleaner and dust collector as well as on-vehicle equipment. Small non-magnetic objects such as wood chips and plastics can be fixed to the work table.
Absorption carrier Vacuum car
Heavy objects such as steel plate and fragile objects such as glass can be carried through absorption. It leads to labor saving without taking clamping procedure. Can be used to clean sludge and sewage and for transporting of powder and granular material.
Elimination of shaved chips Vacuum casting
Powder and chips of plastic which are produced during processing can be collected. Used as source of vacuum for casting.
Dewatering Filtering system
Used for dewatering of paper and fiber industries. To speed up filtering procedure.
Transport of powder Nuclear factory
Transport of rice, wheat and powder. Used for sampling of radioactive rays or exhausting gas.
Feeding paper of printer Exhaust gas inspection equipment of automobiles
Keeping papers on the rollers. Exhaust gas inspection equipment of automobiles.



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