27 Feb 2020
The independent development inverter by Cutie has already passed EU CE certification
Taiwan’s pioneering automation brand-cutes, based on innovation, has independently designed and developed multifunction inverters that have been sold worldwide for many years. With the efforts of the research and development team, it has developed a variety of specitications to provide different industrial applications and precisely meet customers’ needs.
Therefore, cutes inverter has accumulated a wealth of cases in industrial applications, and the engineering team is familiar with the development and service of automatic control systems, which can better provide customers with customized applications for different industrial applications.
Cutes independently developed a new type of inverter that is more in line with international ISO certification. The CTS-320 High-performance vector inverter has passed the European CE certification and meets international safety standards. In addition to the standard VF control, the vector control of the CTS-320 High-performance vector inverter improves the accuracy of motor speed and torque control.
For industrial applications, Our inverter can come with a built-in simple PLC and control terminals to perform up to 16 stages of control. More flexible use in customized applications.
Recently, industrial automation applications have paid more attention to the benefits of energy saving and efficiency, so they are in line with international certification and mechanical and electrical integration as the future automation development trend. Cutes has aprofessional team of R&D and engineering, and has more than 40 years of experience in industrial applications. Therefore, cutes corporation is more confident to provide customers with perfect and best services.