07 Aug 2020
​Cutes Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps obtain CE certificate
   Cutes Corporation - Taiwan senior industrial manufacturer, has manufactured liquid ring vacuum pumps
over 40 years. The quality is recognized in the industry and meets ISO-9001 quality standard. Moreover,
Cutes liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors obtained CE certificate by meeting the Europe standard
and specification for safety, health, environment, etc. Cutes Corporation will still keep pursuing reaching
international quality certification to provide the best products and quality to customers.     
   Cutes supplies a complete range of specifications for liquid ring vacuum pumps and they are widely
used in power plants, mining, food, geothermal power, packaging and textile industries for Europe,
America, Russia, Australia, Korea, Greater China, Southeast Asia customers. The capacity can reach from
30 to 23,000 CFM. Cutes has abundant manufacturing experience and the ability to individually develop
the products. Apart from providing the professional option for design, manufacturing, installation, repair,
Cutes also provides customized integration design to save cost and energy in production and increase
efficiency for customers.

liquid ring vacuum pumps