07 Sep 2020
​ Good Energy Saving for Centrifugal Blower, Inverter Control and Human Machine Interface For Comprehensive Protection ​

  Taiwan senior manufacturing brand, Cutes Corporation cooperated with ITRI(Industrial Technology Research Institute)
to commonly develop single stage/ multistage centrifugal blower. Its core technology is fluid analysis to optimize the
performance and the efficiency is up to 83% which can be comparable to European and American famous brand. It can
ctually realize energy saving meanwhile meeting the production capacity. We are even invited by CFA(China Foundry
Association), IDB( Industrial Development Bureau) and Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation to deliver presentation
to promote the performance of centrifugal blower in China and Taiwan.

  Cutes leading the industry adopts inverter control panel to comprehensively control the whole system for centrifugal
blower. Automatic detection of the use status of protection management throughout the process, Equipping with vacuum 
sensor, vibration sensor, conditioning device to do the real-time recording for analysis and checking the operating condition.
Cutes’ centrifugal blower can provide the best application selection for customers by the advantages of energy saving, safety
and easy maintenance and currently receiving lots of positive replies and support from many industry partners and customers.
Customers even got an incentive award for cost saving and efficiency increase due to purchasing our centrifugal blower.