DOCTYPE html> Cutes is a leading provider of integrated solutions for positive and negative pressure applications and electromechanical integration in Taiwan.

Centrifugal Blower

Main products : CMB multi-stage centrifuge, CSB single-stage centrifuge

DC/AC Motor with control

DC motor should be less than 3000HP
Servo motor of AC servo less than 1500HP


Main products : CTS-320 high-performance miniaturized flux vector inverter, CT-3000 high-performance flux vector inverter

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Main products : CNN, CVP, CE1/CE3, CAT
Other products : CPV/CPS, CPD


Uphold control and attentioni.
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Since its establishment, the Company has been pursuing its professional mission, and has continued to actively develop multiple sophisticated products on a professional basis.

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