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CT-DBU  Dynamic Braking Unit

CT-DBU Dynamic Braking Unit

standard:DBU 302-11/22、DBU 304-11/22
Applicable Motor Output Capacity(KW) 11 22 22 45
Voltage Class 220V 220V 380V~460V 380V~460V
Model Number DBU302-011 DBU302-022 DBU304-022 DBU304-045
Rated Output Current(Amps) 30 60 30 60
Power Supply(VDC) DC310 ± 10% DC540 ± 10% DC620 ± 10%
Min.Equivalent Resistor for each 
Braking Unit
13Ω 6.5Ω 26Ω 13Ω
Continuous Braking time 10 seconds
Protection Overheat Alarm Output
Insrallation Location Indoor·Above 1000m,Free from corrosive gases,liquids and duct
Operation Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Vibration Above0.6G
Humidity 90%RH or less and free of condensation
Overheat Protection Heatsink
Weight  1.6